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Video Editing Service

DJM Digital specialise in the art of digitally assembling and re-ordering the very best takes from a video shoot A professional editor who with years of experience in video production editing. Experienced in the very latest software packages and an expert in editing professional content. A professional editor has an eye for detail and is able to advise on the best way of compiling an edit.

Three in house digital video editing suites (AVID, FCP and ADOBE PREMIERE) accommodating a High Definition editing, Standard Definition editing or mixed media workflow. Each suite offers colour grading, colour correction and noise reduction, image stabilisation, motion graphics and 2D and 3D animation. DJM Digital also provide expert audio solutions including a recording of voiceovers, sound effects, foley, and library music.

If you are updating your video, best quality will be achieved by using the original master video tapes, however this is not always possible, and we can work with any tape or file format you have. We can work closely with you to produce the results you want, or independently and unsupervised following your brief. We will deal with all aspects of your video edit and are happy to offer advice and support.

Video Editing for Business

There is no typical editing project. Recent editing work includes conferences, presentations, interviews, charity events, music videos, educational videos, infomercial, promotional videos, You Tube viral videos.

Video Editing for Personal Projects

Our video editor are also available for personal projects including student films, independent films, school productions, concerts and performances.

We can edit your Camera Hard Drives, Tapes, Videos, DVD's, photo CD's and create a professional looking production.

Need us to shoot some footage for you, no problem, our fully equipped camera operator is available for hire.

For more information on video editing, please contact us, or use our contact form to email us if you like information on any of our services.
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